Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little game.

Hello everyone!

I'd like to play a little game. A writing game, for fun and greater expertise. One that we can all enjoy and have some fun with. One that will hopefully teach us all something good about making engaging plots and working with other characters and settings that we normally might not touch.

Here's the setup:

In the comments, you will sign up by saying you're signing up in whatever way seems appropriate. "Hell yeah! I'm in! Go fuck yourself!" All of these are good. You will then provide three things:

  1. A Character: This can be vague like, "A fireman" or specific "Lucy Jones, a weary stock trader just a few weeks from retirement.
  2. A Setting: Time and/or place, an alien planet, an asteroid, 18th century Paris, a paleolithic cave in north Africa, 40 Million AD, etc.
  3. An Object: Could be an apple, could be a priceless vase, could be a starship. Whatever you desire, and the author chooses its importance to the story.
After I've collected a few of these (hopefully there's more than one of you!) I will randomize them, juggle my digital sack, and redistribute the characters and settings and objects back to you. We will then write stories! All genres accepted, whatever you want. I suggest something inbetween 1-5k, depending on how crazy people get. We'll take two weeks (starting this Sunday) to write our stories, no real worries about the editing, and then come back on Feb 15th to share and go crazy-go-nuts! :D

I hope you guys are excited about this, because I think it will be a fun, fun time. To start things off, here are my 3:

  1. A janitor who used to be something else.
  2. The bottom of the ocean. (ours or some other)
  3. Three golden bananas.
Lets play! 


  1. Bloop!

    1. A dead gorilla
    2. An engineering office
    3. A low-quality statuette/trophy

  2. 1. A five year old who believes he is a super-stealth ninja.

    2. A haunted but newly remodeled Victorian townhouse.

    3. A banana.

    1. Urg didn't read August's post! Can I officially replace banana with sleeping bag?

    2. Hehe yes I shall consider that the official replacement ::)

  3. I'm in! My 3 things:

    1. A 13 year old girl
    2. A beach
    3. A ball

  4. Count me in!

    1. a male rock star who used to be a nurse
    2. a French chateau
    3. a knife

  5. Nice! I'm loving everyone's suggestions so far :D Hopefully we'll get a few more in before Sunday, when I shake up the hat.

  6. The borg is coming!

    1. a librarian who hates books
    2. a spaceship
    3. a ball of yarn

  7. 1. A lesbian roller derby girl
    2. The strangest place you can fit a roller derby
    3. A flugelhorn

  8. 1. A man with no memories of his life before age 10 and a fear of soup
    2. A cruise ship in quarantine because everyone has come down with a flu virus
    3. The wrong suitcase

    1. Shit I hope I get "the wrong suitcase" (note: not something I would ever actually say).

  9. 1.) A grizzled, no nonsense explorer

    2.) A cave filled with wonders but no apparent exits

    3.) an EMP generator

  10. Damn you, Madison! Damn you and your relentless harassment!

    1) A pirate's parrot (yes, that will be the main character)
    2) an attic
    3) a frilled lizard (like the ones off Jurassic park)

  11. I'm in.

    1) A chirpy teenager
    2) A closed church from the 1600s
    3) A pencase