Beta Buddies


Currently, the #BetaBuddy list will only use twitter @ handles for contact, until we get more fancy, though if you are a visitor who does not use twitter but still wants to be a beta reader or needs a beta reader, NaNoPals is here to be your liason to the twitterverse. (Though, seriously, get on it, it's a great tool for starting writers. Okay also it's a huge distraction but I think the cost/benefit analysis will come out positive)

KEY: After each handle will be one to two codes.
  • (W) for "Writer" this is someone who needs their story read, but doesn't necessarily have time to read someone else's work, unless they are marked by...
  • (R) is for "Reader" someone who will take your WIP and give it the once or twice-over it deserves. Since they don't know you at all, you can expect them to pull no punches! But since they're a NaNoPal, they'll probably still be polite. Not required though! Sometimes a sharp tongue can be good.

  • @TinyPterosaur/@NaNoPals (Me!) (R)
  • @riverand (Looking for YA buddies!) (R)
  • @qrevolution (General Fantasy) (W)
  • @kshante (R)
  • @ClairTaylor03 (R)
  • @kathysmurf76 (R, W soon)
  • @mmpmuskie (R)
  • @_vajk (Fantasy - reads any) (R, W) 
  • @writers_village (YA contemporary romance. Reads paranormal romance as well) (R, W)
  • @marcotteJN (Work is epic fantasy, will read any but erotica) (R, W)
  • @TamaraRokicki (R, W)
  • @FlorentineQuill (YA, SciFi and Fantasy, read and write.) (R, W)
  • @mrdonovan37 (Quel Horreur!)
  • @indigo_ackley (R)
  • @briegegem (R - YA Fantasy & Supernatural)
  • @hestermay (R, W)
  • @CurtisKen (R, W - Fantasy) 


No one is required to respond to your request. I will take down (R) and (W) as people tell me. People work full-time jobs and it's important that your beta-buddy feels they can give you the best editorial experience possible, which sometimes means they can only do one project at a time, and not always on a timescale you might desire.

I leave it up to the individuals to make deals with their Beta-Buddy. There's no commitments here, people, just friends helping out friends. Do what you can for each other, and always remember to pass along whatever kindness comes your way.